Open the Floodgates

The Ask

The Internet radically changed the music industry, and at the forefront of this revolution rose Insomniac Records: a music house dedicated to electronic dance music and its independent creators. Due to the massive popularity of this genre, Insomniac Records struggled to keep up with the thousands of submissions from up-and-coming producers aiming to become the next Daft Punk. The challenge? Define and design a unique, efficient web experience to surface these independent creators and their talent. The next Avicii awaits!

Our Role

The Belly of the Beast

Our Approach

It was time to jump in—to immerse ourselves in this world. For two weeks our UX team conducted user research, investigating up-and-coming electronic dance music (EDM) artists and Insomniac Records executives who were losing countless hours searching through thousands of submissions. Our mission? To create a thoughtful design solution that would support these two distinct user groups.

To achieve these results our UX team leveraged the following user-focused activities:

  1. Stakeholder Interviews
  2. Data Mining on EDM forums and social channels
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Empathy Map to dive into a day-in-the-life of an EDM artist
  5. Ad-hoc Personas to profile primary and secondary target audiences
  6. Product Vision and Objectives Definition
  7. Feature/Requirements Prioritization
  8. Sketching and Wireframes

Up All Night to Get Plucky

The Result

We created an experience that allowed users to submit their music and also rate, listen, critique, and mentor each other. We also gamified the experience, revealing the highest-voted artists to music executives. Finally, we designed a back end solution that allowed executives to share, comment, and vote on new artist talent, enhancing their communication process.

Through careful user research and strategic moves off (and on) the dance floor we created an experience that exceeded the initial ask, but also solved problems Insomniac Records didn't even know they had.

Let's Do Something Great

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