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Official advertising partners to all five major social channels, we offer multi-platform advertising capability and exclusive access to features not available through the channels’ native tools. That access allows us to build and rapidly implement new products that bring value to advertisers.

Meet HYFN8

HYFN8 is our powerful and easy-to-use software for managing multi-platform social ad campaigns. Our ability to customize it to your challenges via a proactive in-house tech team makes it the best platform available. If you can think it, we can build it.

  • Cross-Platform Reporting

    Access data from 5 social channels in real-time, all in one dashboard.

  • Data Partnerships

    Our exclusive data partnership with Acxiom is built into HYFN8 for improved audience matching.

  • Exclusive Tech

    Our partner status allows us to build HYFN8-only features on platform APIs.

  • Custom Metrics

    Build custom metrics and ratios adapted to your business needs.

Meet Soapbox

The Soapbox platform facilitates our managed end-to-end influencer service, which is powered by a full-service team of influencer experts, content creators, and media strategists, allowing us to drive returns, not just awareness.

  • Procurement & Discovery

    Soapbox allows us to discover the perfect creators for your brand with a detailed look at their relevance to your objectives—beyond follower count.

  • Campaign Management

    Manage content from your creators with real-time access to post data for any public social account across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Exclusive Metrics

    Assess campaign performance based on Soapbox-exclusive metrics like cost per engagement and engagement rate.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Soapbox provides influencer-specific reporting alongside social campaign analytics from HYFN8.

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