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HYFN Media sits at the intersection of technology, execution, and strategy. We’re uniquely able to combine expertise in these domains while actively collaborating with Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to craft new capabilities and drive incredible results for our clients.

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Campaign Manager

The crown jewel of HYFN8, our campaign manager is mission control for your campaigns. Custom filtering, bulk editing and publishing, real time data, and deep linking are just a few of the features that enable you to make effective optimizations and save time.

Export (.pdf)

Export comprehensive .pdf reports for your campaigns with summary and daily metrics, as well as custom analytics for audience segments and top creative.

Interactive Overviews

Reporting should be easy to understand and lead to more intelligent actions. Interactive reporting enables you to view performance across any number of campaigns, select specific audience segments, and move between KPIs seamlessly, saving time and driving more effective optimizations.

Customizable Reports (Table View)

Select any metrics and data breakdowns and export campaigns for offline use.



Customizable dashboards allow you to view your KPIs in a single space across multiple platforms and campaigns.

Saved reports

Reports can be sent straight to your inbox and automatically sent to key stakeholders as well.

Google Analytics

View web analytics in addition to media performance to get a holistic view of your campaign, from impression to conversion.


Predictive Analysis

We use proprietary tools to store user engagements down to the second and provide insights into when your users are most engaged, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your content.

Engagement Benchmarking

Easily discover the content that’s resonating with your users and seamlessly iterate on it through easy-to-use scheduling tools.

Summary Views

See your performance at a glance with navigable interactive overviews.



See positive and negative sentiment along with key topics and influencers.

Dynamic (query anything)

Unlimited queries for any topic enable you to understand the conversation on your owned properties, conduct competitive research, and benchmark performance.

Managed and Self Serve


Built with large organizations in mind the HYFN8 hierarchy allows you to easily onboard large teams in minutes with no per-seat fees.


Users can receive access to any or all functionality for specific accounts, enabling you to manage workflows and keep your properties secure.

Post, Promote, Analyze, Listen, Watch. All in one platform.

Update Your ROI

HYFN works in agile, cross-functional teams to consistently drive great results for our clients, and we built HYFN8 to facilitate those workflows. Analysts, creatives, traffickers, product managers, account managers, and developers all leverage the same tools to achieve great results. Whether for our teams or for yours, HYFN8 provides the tools to drive great business outcomes.

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