Welcome to HYFN

Federated Media is now integrated into HYFN and Mass²

We have restructured the Federated Media business to better serve advertisers and publishers. Advertisers will continue to receive best-in-class service and impressive results, while publishers will still have a true partner for their ad fulfillment needs.

  • Ads


    FM's national influencer marketing and advertising business is now served by HYFN'S award winning creators, technologists, publishers and media experts. Our team of strategists and account managers create and distribute custom digital and social activations using display, native and proprietary social offerings.

  • Publishers


    Content opportunities previously serviced by FM, will now be managed by HFYN. Mass², a premium provider of multiscreen advertisting solutions, focusing on video, native and display distribution, will service programmatic needs. If you are an established blogger or web publishers interested in partnering with Mass², apply below.

Solutions We Truly Own

We connect brands to authentic, high-quality influencers, and engaged audiences. By distributing custom digital and social content activations using our display, native, and proprietary social offerings, we deliver unique scale to every campaign. The data-driven campaign architecture builds measureable experiences across the entire customer journey.

Our robust digital portfolio includes solutions we truly own. Our tailored digital experiences use display and native distribution, social amplification, search, video, and mobile to reach your audiences and deliver true actions and results.


It all starts with engaging brand content – a crucial component of the customer decision journey – created with us or your own brand content. By aligning with leading, celebrated influencers, we offer your brand unparalleled visibility through written, visual, video, and social posts. Our strategists create unique, custom experiences to reach your audience when and where they are consuming content most.


We offer strategic solutions to tell your story through our custom native offering and/or standard and rich media units.


We work directly with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to achieve your business outcomes and provide beta access to new features, before they become available through native tools. We constantly create new features within HYFN8 to address specific client needs, including weather and emoji targeting, custom pixels, and proprietary optimization algorithms.


Grow your business by implementing our SEO strategies proven to drive organic search traffic to your website. We ensure your website adheres to established guidelines and best practices that enhance the ability of search engines to identify and understand your business. We’ll engineer a comprehensive PPC campaign to reach audiences while they’re actively searching for information relevant to your brand.


We leverage a wide range of distribution capabilities to amplify your messaging in relevant environments across our network. Track your campaign’s reach and exposure in real-time through our analytics dashboard.


Reach your audiences at every touchpoint through immersive mobile experiences that drive awareness and conversions for your brand. Our mobile unit provides an app-like experience that allows users to interact with the ad’s features without ever having to leave the page.

Data Science

Our data science team built the tools and processes required to unlock this value by effectively influencing the full customer journey through audience insights, modeling, and real-time optimization.

Let's Do Something Great

Smart thinking, compelling design, and a process that flourishes with your contributions.

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