Marketing Designer

Playa Vista, CA

The Role:

HYFN is looking for a talented, up and coming creative phenom who is looking to join a thriving creative agency. This candidate will support our strategy, marketing, and business development teams who work to grow our client roster and win business. After learning the business including collaborating with each and every department at HYFN, the candidate will have the opportunity to join HYFN’s creative team as either a social or interactive designer.

The first milestone will be to use your creative powers to help us win accounts. To accomplish this, you will own the design and delivery of all business development during pre-sale including pitch decks, presentations, marketing materials, etc. Everything must be on brand and on time. HYFN prides itself on creating the most inspiring and engaging presentations. We want to show our clients what working with HYFN is like and take great pride in everything we produce.

The role calls for a creative, task oriented, strategic designer who is multi talented and can work in a wide range of mediums. For each pitch, we need a beautiful and strategic deck designed in Keynote and HYFN branded. We need creative mocks to help the client understand our vision, sometime motion through video is needed and skills like this, are a huge plus. This designer will work with each and every department at HYFN getting a unique perspective on the business. For example, one day the designer may be working with the tech team on a new proposal for an augmented reality concept.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop all pitch and presentation decks
  • Develop all mocks and creative concepts needed for these pitches
  • Support Marketing/PR Manager for any and all marketing materials
  • Support creative team on on-going client projects in down time


  • A portfolio that shows promise and creative thinking
  • A great cover letter telling us why you want this gig
  • A deep passion for design and using creative to solve challenges for clients
  • Demonstrated self-starter with the ability to prioritize work assignments, meet deadlines and work independently in a fast-paced environment

About Us:

Over the years HYFN has truly come into its own. We’ve established impressively sturdy footholds in what is admittedly an absurd digital terrain to navigate. And it definitely hasn’t been easy. But we’re here now. And without being too bold, we think you should be pretty excited about what you’re a part of. We now know the exact kinds of clients we want to take on. We know the challenges we’re aiming to conquer. The tables we want seats at. And we know more so than anything that the people in this room are the means to make it happen. We’re a diverse bunch of extremely talented, enthusiastic, honest problem solvers who geek out on getting results. We pride ourselves on delivering results. Not overly-exaggerated results. Not kinda-sorta results. Straight up business-goal-achieving, brand-elevating results. Whatever those may be. We live by the mentality that good enough simply isn’t good enough, and that first ideas are never final. (Except when they’re brilliant.) With quick pivots and smart strategies, we help brands win every single day.

NOTE: This job description contains the basic requirements for the position and is NOT intended to be a complete list of responsibilities; other duties may be assigned.


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