Sr Front End Software Engineer

Playa Vista, CA

The Job

We’re seeking talented Javascript/React expert and general front end developers to join our advertisement product HYFN8. This will be a Sr/Lead role where the right candidate will help Architect and develop our apps on the front end with React/Redux + Jest testing. We are looking for a seasonal React professional, that has experience with front end TDD and have deep understandings setting up complex architecture involving multiple apps. Ideal candidate will have some experience with Rails and be able to debug minor API issues.

About You

As a senior front end engineer, you’re the front end lead on HYFN8’s large-scale web products for high-reliability needs. You’ll coordinate with the design and backend teams, help make architectural decisions, and lead on implementation. A good fit would be a developer who can execute quickly while still following best practices and thrives on new tech and fast-paced product work. You'll be positioned to lead the latest visual evolution of our Social Media Advertisement family of products and shape how we scale the front end stack.

Skills & Requirements

  • 2+ years experience working with React
  • 1+ years experience working with Redux
  • 4+ years experience working with modern front end technologies - Backbone, Ember, Angular, React and leading a team
  • Experience with Yarn (similar dependency management tool)
  • Experience with Jest testing or any other front end test suite
  • You're keen on keeping things tidy and are familiar with the options available for doing so Webpack, ES6, etc. You know your way around Node.
  • You’re resourceful and can pull down a Ruby project and get running on development the same day.
  • You are a talented front end developer who writes clean, well-organized CSS and HTML and composes JS beyond the walled garden of JQuery.
  • You’ve done enough projects to identify what’s missing or unworkable in a wireframe or design, and have the basic design and UX chops to improvise when necessary.
  • You understand responsiveness, breakpoints vs. fluidity, and all the myriad issues that emerge when making designs work across devices.
  • You’re well-versed in the classic front end skills as well - you know your meta tags and SEO basics.


  • Experience with Rails and Ruby
  • Experience with Backbone JS
  • Extensive Experience with Jest testing and best front end TDD practices
  • Extensive Experience with Rails

About HYFN8

HYFN8 is a multi-platform advertising solution that originated about 3 years ago when we transitioned the platform to a digital advertising tool from a social media moderation product. At that time we were the third ranked company in the world, recognized by Facebook for our social media domain knowledge, and have since expanded our expertise, partnerships, and integrations to include all five major platforms. We have exponentially increased our revenue year after year and look forward to the ways in which we’ll thrive in the future.

The driving force of our success is our development team who has a strong focus on problem solving. The development team practices agile scrum with daily standups, estimation meetings, sprints, retrospectives, and test-driven development. All team members are expected to participate and contribute. We believe that it’s our process and development methodologies that made us who we are and guided our progress through the growth of our product. We strongly believe and practice test-driven development on every level of the tech stack. We are a close-knit team that thinks deeply about each problem and approaches them from multiple angles. HYFN has dedicated teams in Software Development, UX, and Design that shape every aspect of our product. In our free time, you can find us surfing, playing ping pong or darts in the back of the office, running around a soccer field, or simply enjoying the sunset from our beautiful brand new office in Playa Vista.

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