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Playa Vista, CA

The Job

We’re seeking a talented Full-Stack Developer to join our tech-focused interactive agency.

We work with some of biggest brands in the world on some of their most interesting and prominent projects. These run the gamut from quick-turn interactive apps and games to major corporate websites to large-scale platforms. Developers are well-supported while having a large degree of autonomy in approach and implementation, which helps us all stay hip and learn collectively. And unlike a lot of agencies, we’re largely tech-driven; devs always have a seat at the table and help steer all parts of the process.

We don't like to pigeonhole people with something as narrow as "Ruby", but this role does require some familiarity with Ruby on Rails. If you're coming from another backend framework, that's OK - if you're willing to put some work into learning Rails, but most of your experience is in Node.js, let's talk about it!

Mostly, you'll need a solid general understand of how the internet works. You should be able to help guide architectural decisions, solve client needs, and mentor and assist other developers.

About You

As a full-stack developer, you'll coordinate closely with the production, creative and strategy teams to help ensure we're building things smartly. You'll contribute to architectural decisions, and lead on implementation. A good fit would be a developer who can execute quickly while still following best-practices and who thrives on new tech and fast-paced agency work.

  • Your Backend fundamentals should be very strong. You should know a web framework really well, and be comfortable learning new technology.
  • You might now know Rails well, including its shortcomings and how to deal with them. You may also be very familiar with Node.js
  • You’re down to integrate with the team on larger team projects but you can own and architect end-to-end solutions for smaller, fast-turnaround projects.
  • Your cleanly-designed, well-documented APIs and pages earn you the admiration not only of frontend and mobile developers but of caching layers and CDNs.
  • You’re familiar with modular design, dependency injection, functional isolation, and have strategies for testing all layers of the stack.
  • You're familiar with best-practices, but are not doctrinaire.
  • You can design SQL schemas, index properly, and know how to code, diagnose and optimize SQL queries. You reflexively translate business problems into entities and tables and constraints.
  • Handling things in serial isn’t always going to fly, so you have experience with task queues and various concurrency strategies.
  • Everything we build has some user-facing component, and while we’ve got people for that, your Javascript & frontend should be decent and you should be up with the space (React, Webpack, CSS3 and equivalents.)
  • Knowledge of (or interest in!) devops stuff is a big plus. We use AWS, Heroku, Terraform, Ansible, etc.
  • You should enjoy mentoring and supporting the other members of our development team.
  • We’re all pleasant, smart, communicative people, and you should be too!

About Us

HYFN’s projects are varied, engaging, and highly visible. Our office is located in Playa Vista, right across the street from Whole Foods. HYFN matches its social environment with competitive salary, health and benefits packages.

We’re a team of smart, curious and friendly developers with a large knowledge base from backend to frontend systems and expertise in a wide variety of platforms. We work on projects where we often are asked to build cutting-edge interactive user experiences and determine not only the tools we’re using, but also how we go about using those technologies to solve application and architectural problems.

We talk, aid and network with each other to determine how to solve problems and create awesome apps we are proud to call our own. We have the interesting work and well-grounded business model of an agency. And unlike some agencies we’re tech-focused and our technological expertise informs decision making at all levels. You will not be a cog or a code monkey.

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