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Playa Vista, CA

The Job

We’re seeking talented Javascript and web developers to join our tech-focused interactive agency.

We work with some of biggest brands in the world on some of their most interesting and prominent projects. These run the gamut from quick-turn interactive prototypes and apps to large-scale platforms to interactive games. Developers are well-supported while having a large degree of autonomy in approach and implementation, which helps us all stay hip and learn collectively. And unlike a lot of agencies, we’re primarily tech-driven; devs always have a seat at the table and help steer all parts of the process.

About You

As a Frontend Developer, you’re the frontend lead on HYFN’s large-scale web products for high-profile clients. You’ll be working closely with our best-in-class creative and backend engineering teams to bring visual designs to life.

  • You are a talented frontend developer with strong Javascript fundamentals and the ability write clean, well-organized CSS and HTML. Beyond the walled garden of Bootstrap and jQuery.
  • You should thrive on new tech and fast-paced agency work. Every project and sometimes every day is different.
  • You’ve done enough projects to identify what’s missing or unworkable in a wireframe or design, and have the basic design and UX chops to improvise when necessary.
  • You understand responsiveness, breakpoints vs. fluidity, and all the myriad issues that emerge when making designs work across devices.
  • You can manage complexity in a large frontend codebase and have strong experience with rich client-side apps, having done one or more substantial projects with React or another framework. We've mainly settled on React and Vue, so experience with those is a big plus.
  • The frontend space is moving fast, so you're up with the new and the shiny – bonus points for experience with WebGL, Canvas, and SVG; you will have opportunities to put them to use here. A sense for motion and interaction is key. Flash refugees welcome.
  • You're keen on keeping things tidy and are familiar with the options available for doing so - Webpack, ES6, etc. You know your way around Node.
  • You’re resourceful and can pull down a Ruby or Node project and get running on development the same day. Backend experience in Ruby, Node, PHP or similar is a major plus.
  • You understand markup and web and how creative translates to it. You can take a design and make it responsive and fluid and generally bring it to life.
  • You’re well-versed in the classic frontend skills as well - you know your meta tags and accessibility and SEO basics.
  • You like working on large apps where performance, responsive design and API integration are fundamental concepts that inform your code and architecture decisions.

About Us

HYFN is a growing technology agency working with large clients to build high-profile web, mobile and tablet applications. Our projects are varied, engaging, and highly visible. Our office is located in a historic theater building with beautiful ocean views, less than a block from the Hermosa Beach Pier. We like to play ping pong, go on long walks on the beach and have good debates about everything from code to the latest Sonos music selections. HYFN matches its social environment with competitive salary, health and benefits packages.

We’re a team of smart, curious and friendly developers with a large knowledge base from backend to frontend systems and expertise in a wide variety of languages. We work on projects where we often are asked to build cutting-edge interactive user experiences and determine not only the tools we’re using, but also how we go about using those technologies to solve application and architectural problems.

We talk, aid and network with each other to determine how to solve problems and create awesome apps we are proud to call our own. We have the interesting work and well-grounded business model of an agency. And unlike some agencies we’re tech-focused and our technological expertise informs decision making at all levels. You will not be a cog or a code monkey.


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