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    Everybody needs to be in lockstep for all this to work. Launching hundreds of projects a year, HYFN does not miss deadlines or misfire on deliverables. Priority one is making sure clients know without a doubt they could not be in better hands.


    That means our producers sometimes calling you more than your mother does. A CEO who never unplugs for the day. Daily scrums to ensure our team not only gets it done, but gets it done in the best way.



    A social media management system that leverages your paid, owned, and earned social media to provide you with actionable intelligence in an easy to use interface.

    Agency Top 100


    Management Team

    Morgan Harris Founder & CEO

    Morgan Harris is the Founder and CEO of HYFN, an award-winning digital agency that has created mobile and social experiences for some of the most recognized brands in the world including Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney, Levi’s, Universal and more. HYFN’s work has been awarded by the IAC and received the Golden Tweet Award by Twitter for having the most retweeted post in 2011 and most recently won an OMMA Best B2B award for the Google HowToGomo.com initiative. HYFN made the 2012 Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. Previously, Morgan was Founder and CEO of Audio Lunchbox, which was one of the first digital music destinations to offer legal MP3 downloads and eventually acquired in December of 2007. Morgan graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Communications and Business. He and his family reside in Hermosa Beach, California.

    Matt Emmerson CFO

    A seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience, Matt brings a unique blend of financial and operational experience from public and private companies. As CFO/COO of BUZZMEDIA, he directed much of the daily business operations and fiscal oversight of the company including financial sourcing and strategic planning. Under his tenure, BUZZMEDIA grew from its infancy into one of the 50 largest domestic web properties. Prior to that, Matt was CFO of Movielink, where he was responsible for all financial strategy and operations (including leading the sale of Movielink to Blockbuster, Inc. in 2007). He began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, providing financial advisory and accounting assurance services to companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, and Hillenbrand Corporation. Matt is a graduate of Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

    Matt White CTO

    When he’s not busy making developers swoon with his dashing accent, Matthew has been creating digital products and building first-rate technology teams in the United States, London, Australia, and New Zealand for more than two decades. His deep and continuously evolving experience in application and web development spans companies ranging from small startups to large corporates. Matthew loves nothing better than to drive innovation in the digital space by going more than a few steps beyond the known boundaries. As CTO of HYFN, he strives to build the best workplace where engineers can hang their hat. An inspired team leads to inspired results.

    Ashley Heron EVP

    For over a decade, Ashley Heron has been a leader in social media, online and partnership marketing in Nashville's music industry, most recently Director, Strategic Marketing for the Big Machine Label Group. The music group is home to superstar recording artists such as Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Reba, Martina McBride and developing artists such as The Band Perry. While at Big Machine, he secured partnerships with Best Buy, Cabela’s, Ericsson, JetBlue, Sony, and others in addition to implementing creative and new media initiatives for the roster. Ashley has held various positions in marketing since 2002, including 7 years at Disney’s Lyric Street Records where he oversaw all new media, mobile marketing and sales initiatives in addition to the creative elements of the roster. Currently serving as EVP, he is responsible for digital strategy and client services.

    Scott Mallone Executive Creative Director

    With over 15 years experience in advertising, branding, art design and direction, illustration and web development, Scott continues to spearhead the creative process from unique and integrated angles. As a creative director, Scott brought consistent innovation and a keen understanding of the marketplace for brands including Apple, AT&T, Spring and Ed Hardy. Now serving as Executive Creative Director for HYFN, he leads the team in developing user experiences and user interfaces for clients such as MTV, Toyota, Universal Music Group, Rihanna and Lyle Lovett. While overseeing the creative department, Scott works closely with the strategy and engineering teams to ensure a final product that meets the goals and vision of every project.

    Tom Lyons Managing Director

    Tom has been working in what is now called digital marketing since 1995 when he was a partner in a pioneering webcasting company that helped brands like American Express leverage audio and video on the web to promote the brand and products. Since then, Tom has held leadership roles in digital at agencies including Arnold, Mullen and most recently Deutsch where he was EVP Director of Innovative Marketing and tasked with providing clients thinking around technology and emerging media. Tom has worked with both challenger brands looking to disrupt an industry such as GoDaddy and LendingTree and traditional brands looking to maintain leadership like Fidelity and American Express. Tom lives in Brooklyn, enjoys reading the paper, running the roads, and maybe helping a neighbor hang a shelf or heavy picture.

    Celine Willard VP, Client Services

    Celine Willard specializes in translating and guiding conversations between project stakeholders. Prior to joining HYFN, Celine founded Solutionary Media, LLC and consulted the Metropolitan Transit Authority on social media strategy. She worked for MTV as Project Manager of its Fantasy Election '12 game, and before that on the $2 billion Rock Band video game franchise managing its artist relations effort. Celine was the Manager of A&R and Social Media for The Beatles: Rock Band video game which was named one of the "Top Brands of the Year" by Ad Age, became 2009's top seller of its genre, and won the 2010 Webby Award for “Best Games-Related Site”. Celine has a lifelong interest in education, pro-social causes, media and entertainment, and was honored to be in the second New York City Teaching Fellows class upon graduating from NYU.

    Daniel Leavitt VP, Technology

    Starting with surreal HyperCard games and meticulous cataloging systems for his hobbies, Daniel has been making things with computers for about as long as he has been able to manipulate a mouse. He was excited to discover during college that his interests could be put to productive ends (including contributions to articles in peer-reviewed journals) and doubly excited upon graduating to find that the largest brands in the world would pay him money to do what he loves. He holds a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and as a web developer tries to bring humanistic sensibilities as well as technical expertise to his work.

    Scott Burton Director of Development

    When his career in the music business led to early experiments in Internet radio, Scott couldn't help but employ technology solutions to reduce complex problems into workflows and action. His work as an award-winning sound designer and music producer enabled campaigns for clients such as BMW, Lexus, American Airlines, Wachovia Securities, Starz!, Hyundai, Home Depot and hundreds more, and his live concert video mixes for Ziggy Marley, Beck, Prince and Jonas Brothers are well-regarded by both fans and his peers. He may seem an unusual fit for software engineering, but there's a catch; Scott's practical sensibilities, software process experience and hours of client facetime are the ideal compliment to his years of technical expertise. Scott currently serves HYFN as Director of Development.


    Structure and freedom do not compete at HYFN. The challenges of our projects will always be our fuel, and they demand both meticulous best practices and creativity to experiment.

    Keeping up with the pace of digital technology has nothing to do with languages or platforms. It's about having people who know a lot without thinking they know it all. These committed professionals never shy from taking the lead or asking for help, pushing into new territory, and forgetting about the clock when inspiration or necessity strikes.

    With a long list of extraordinary projects already chalked up in the win column, HYFN's highly collaborative team is built across disciplines. And getting stronger by the minute.


    We love trendy buzzwords as any self-respecting digital agency does, but they never cloud the big picture. Our limitless creativity and passion for design are channeled into the simple goal of a superior user experience.

    No matter the medium or industry vertical, HYFN's creative team never loses sight of this while maintaining a seamless connection with the development horses to ensure the best possible product.

    This pursuit of an unmatched standard takes teamwork and mentoring. Our approach is to find great talent and bring it up the HYFN way.

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    HYFN dug its roots as a production shop, and that's certainly not a bad background to have in this industry. We still have our partners who look to us purely as a development resource. And that's fine by us -- we'll take your approved designs and build exactly to spec any day of the week.

    Over the years though, many of our partners have gravitated toward leaning on us as a strategic collaborator. We're launching so many of these things that you figure we've learned a thing or two along the way. Our belief is that separating ideation and concepts from technology becomes more of a liability every day in this innovative space.

    There is something to be said for having the creative talent in the same room as the engineers. That room can be at your office with our teams holding hands, or we can take it from start to finish in our house if you prefer. It doesn't matter where we fit into your process. All we care about is working with great partners because ultimately that equals great work.

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